Ashmolean Museum Oxford

We visited The University of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum Rooftop restaurant for a Live Stream broadcast in November.

The Rooftop provided a beautiful view of the Oxford skyline as a backdrop for our presenters.

Using a 2 x Blackmagic cameras we had one set to wide which captured both presenters and their guest, whilst the zoom camera allowed focus on the main speaker.

The stream incorporated speakers who dialled in remotely from their homes or offices and interacted with the presenters at The Ashmolean to allow for an engaging hybrid event.

The live broadcast B4 event at the Ashmolean Museum, with its mix of in-person interviews and discussions, zoom interaction and a showcase of pre-recorded footage, made for a truly engaging and interactive experience. The crew from ensured a seamless and professional production of this omnichannel event.

Wendy Ball – Head of Events, Ashmolean Museum